A Message From Gail Cantor, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Contegrity

Posted on 01 31 2012

Welcome to Contegrity’s new website … we invite you to look around and see what we offer people in the arena of fulfilling life. For the last 20 years, we have been engaged with individuals, corporations, non-profits, hospitals, artists, yoga centers, you name it, to address the question, “What is the nature of fulfilling life?“ Contegrity is an approach to that question, a way of engaging that has life be both practically and spiritually satisfying. 

In our current culture, people are always looking for quick fixes and easy answers to their latest dilemmas … answers that are supportive yet ephemeral. They might seem fulfilling in the moment but don’t go all the way to honoring and fulfilling what life is really calling for. Contegrity is about investing the time and interest to develop your innate strengths and capacities for answering that call.

Over these last two decades, we have covered a lot of ground. We have addressed with individuals and organizations an alternative approach to merely “getting by, getting through, and getting over” their life’s circumstances. We’ve developed legions of people to move beyond solving the problem du jour to addressing fundamental issues that move life forward with real power and ease. We’ve elevated interpersonal relating from settling for compromise and consensus, which is weak at best, to a way of powerfully owning what you and others are fulfilling together, and transcending agendas so something inventive, whole—and sometimes, magical—can emerge. We call this sourceful leading.

So what are we up to in this next period of time? Let’s face it, these are very challenging times. We have, as a society, realized tremendous accomplishments—globalization, technological breakthroughs—all great strides. Yet people mostly bring old ways of thinking to communication and leadership when new thinking is required to meet the demands of our day. It’s not enough to be connected by social media, for instance, if people aren’t good at resolving differences or savvy about having cultures work together.

The pull of the prevailing culture is to get back to normal rather than confront what’s next. Our practice at Contegrity is to take a fresh look at the transition we are in—in our world, in our families and in our workplaces. Our times call for leading, not waiting. We are now engaging to take on the next level of  living and leading sourcefully, accepting the challenge of these rapidly changing times, and designing new ways of working and living. 

I invite you to enjoy our new website. I invite you to get interested in what we are doing.  See what people say is available in their lives, their families, and their work.  Find out about our ability to get at the real issues that are there to resolve in your business. Set up a call with us to find out more.  Sign up for the Daily Quotes or join us in one of our scheduled programs. 

We all belong to life.  We all have a way of being a force for and of life.  Don’t just get through it.  Take it on!