What People Say

Contegrity Empowers Successful Restructuring

Richard S. Harb
Managing Partner
Marquette Management, Inc.
1999 / Romeoville, IL

The Marquette Company is a full-service real estate development and property management company that own and manage over 7,500 luxury apartments throughout the Midwest. We have 300 employees and have gained a national reputation for our unique decentralized organization structure and employee-centered corporate culture.

Over the past five years Contegrity has facilitated our corporate restructuring from a highly centralized model to a flat decentralized model. With their perceptive listening abilities they assisted us with difficult staffing issues and helped us to identify and implement structures to ensure and measure our organizational success. Contegrity's ability to "operationalize" developmental issues with practical structures that lead to organizational success is unmatched by anyone we have encountered.

Topics: Organizations, Development, Transition